L E C T U R E S , A D D R E S S E S, I N T E R V I E W S

Image laden, very few of my lectures are read from prepared texts. Here are a few that were, i.e., that weresubstantially written out beforehand and read. And a couple of transcribedinterviews.

"Psychoeconomics/Value/Money/Architecture…"Excerpts from a talk given at the first meeting of the symposium series The Question of Economic Value, held October 21 and 22, 1994, at The University of Texas at Austin, organized and sponsored by The Center for American Architecture and Design.

"On Cyberspace and Virtual Reality"Address toThe Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering SciencesSymposium on Man and Information Technology,June 7, 1994, atForsmark Manor House, Uppland, Sweden.

"Conversations on Technology, Literacy, and Culture: Michael Benedikt" Interviewer Prof. Meg Syverson, Digital Writing & Research Lab, University of Texas at Austin, June 29, 2000. Forgive the casual language here, but (I think) important points were made that turned out to be relevant in the present day.

"Thinking Toward Architecture" Invited lecture to the Faculty of Architecture, University of Manitoba, October 21, 2001. Published in MOSAIC, Volume 35, Issue 4 (213 ff) 2002. [Long version].

Address to conveners at the giving of the first Austin Tree of the Year Award to "The Learning Tree" (Escarpment Oak), under the tree at the Will Hampton Branch Library, Austin, November, 2007. I give variants of this speech annually at the award ceremony.

"Acting Morally," an interview by Rachael Kohn for ABC Radio National Australia, on her weekly program The Spirit of Things, broadcast August 31, 2008. Transcript with link to audio (38 mins, starting at 24:45).

"Trajectories: The Futures of the School of Architecture" [video]. Address to the public and alumni at the Centennial of the UT School of Architecture, Hogg Auditorium, University of Texas at Austin, November 6, 2010.

"Eulogy for Hal Box" delivered May 13, 2011 at St. David's Episcopal Church, Austin, Texas.

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